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Ankostra supports you in the management of your public affairs. The firm’s influence strategy is based on the social sciences of individual and collective decision-making, in order to represent your interests
in the most appropriate way for complex situations.

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Charly LALO, Founder and President of Ankostra




Ankostra at your side for public affairs management

Public affairs make it possible to highlight the general interest in particular interests. It is an act of mediation and facilitation on behalf of a representative of interest to meet its stakeholders.

The search for an acceptable compromise among the diversity of interests creates fertile ground for the good vitality of democracy.

In a world characterized by chains of complex interdependencies, with uncertain consequences, we can no longer approach public affairs in a classical way.

Science at the service of influence strategy

Several lines of research, from sociology to psychology to data science, have shed light on how people share information, knowledge and resources during the decision-making period. To meet this challenge, Ankostra has developed the reticular approach

We defend a transparent and argumentative influence strategy using reticular decision-making thresholds.

Effective   Effective   Effective   Effective  
Confidential   Confidential   Confidential   Confidential  
Economical   Economical   Economical   Economical  

Ankostra opens up alternatives
to impasses of influence

At Ankostra, we are aware that the relationships that drive companies and the political or institutional sphere are multifactorial. They can become conflictual, with a certain elaboration of complexity that seems to leave no way out other than destructive of value.

The promotion of a private interest to decision-making bodies concerns various situations and affects all companies, regardless of their size: conflict with a partner in a national or international context, influence
on public decision-making, capture of new national and international markets, communication in periods of uncontrolled development, etc.

Tools mobilized according to the relevance of the situation

Advocacy campaign

Selection and intervention of experts to support the argument

Information production

Support in the structuring of a white paper

Structural negotiation with public and private decision-makers in an international context

Creating and strengthening a Think Tank

Organisation of events and conferences

Support in the press relations

Construction of the opinion strategy on social networks

Value-creating mediation



average cost of influence compared to the amount of the
main stakes


A scientific

approach to influence



on average effective
time per file

More than ten years of experience in complex situations ranging from a few thousand to several hundred million euros




Reticular values

Negotiation impasse

Structural agreements

Mapping of reticular thresholds of decision- making

Valeurs réticulaires

Impasse de négociation

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Structural negotiations

Accords structurels

Ankostra Uncategorized Accords Structurels2

Construction of
structural agreements

Public affairs adapted to complexity

Graph theory is a valuable scientific tool for influencing individual and collective decision-making thresholds.

Indeed, this current of sociology has shown that it is possible to calculate thresholds of the number of people to be convinced in a decision, and their influence on the decision-making of a particular third person, in particular according to the clustering indicators which involve it in this influence group.

We can then share these potential agreements among the parties in order to construct the final agreement.

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